Cloud Mining

Making a Deposit to mining company cloud mine

It has come to our attention in our efforts to bring cloud mining, and cryptocurrency mining in general to the general public that special attention needs to be placed on the process of depositing funds of crypto to your mining account. This is because of a system mining company has placed in use in which the address you will be sending your crypto funds to will constantly change each time you use it. For this reason I am here creating a specific tutorial on how to identify your deposit wallet address, and I will express the concern that must be placed on confirming that you are using the correct wallet address and the correct crypto fund for the wallet type being used.

To Make Deposit

From the miningcompany website looking at the your mining page of your account, locate the button marked “make deposit”make deposit

You will see your list of options for deposit, many crypto funds are available so select the correct one for your crypto fund type.crypto fund type

You will now see an address to a wallet of the crypto fund type that you have selected. Be advised that this address will change the next time that you make a deposit to it and so it is important that you verify this address is correct every single time you make any deposit.

I hope that this tutorial helps in your future successfullies and that your cloud mining endeavors are fruitful.