Making Mining Work

We aim here to create a comprehensive walk-through tutorial for creating a residual passive income from the process of Bitcoin (BTC) mining. We will be using a cash-app wallet for the storing of our Bitcoin wealth as it allows you the user the easiest access to placing your wealth into a bank account. {paypal may soon be an option in this field} We will also be using the cloud mining company aptly named we highly recommend it as we have been able to verify much of every aspect for this example and we urge you to read our further articles.

Setting up your Mine

We begin with clicking our affiliate link neatly placed here, you will click on “start mining” and perform a 1 click registration.


This far you are allotted a small amount of mining power for free courtesy of mining company to allow you to get your feet wet. However, as you know it takes money to make money and our initial recommendation here is to invest an amount that you can afford to lose, not that your going to lose it, but that your going to get yourself comfortable with the process at a low risk feeling position while also maximizing on your efforts while training into your more experienced take.

Before making your first deposit Read this article NOW

I want you to take note of the following buttons that you see on the miningcompany website.

Your Mining, Buy Power, History, Make Deposit, Your Partners, Reviews

Process for withdraw from mining company fund to cash app bitcoin balance:

set wallet address-open chrome, visit, tap account, (Now “YourMining” is the top tab and it is blue, you see a long number slightly above that, this is your account number or you could say this is your account user name, exactly to the right of this number is a gear picture that is blue, tap this blue gear picture not hitting the arrow next to it, that arrow will log you off and signing back into your account will be required if this occurrs.)
(at this point the screen will not change much, you will see the same buttons below the account number from “your mining” to “reviews” just under the reviews button you will see 4 new options: general, password, wallets, where to withdraw)
(select the “wallets” options, scroll down and a list of wallet options appears, you will enter a wallet address here for every type of cryptocurrency that you mine, you will want to verify that each address is going to a correct wallet type as a failure will happen if the system is trying to send one coin type to a different coin type wallet, thus your litecoin wallet address must be in the litecoin withdraw field to ensure your litecoin are sent to your litecoin wallet)

mind withdraw minium amount limit (must have 0.0005 bitcoin or more)click withdraw select bitcoin, amount, and confirm.