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An in-depth look at crypto trading with Ku Coin

If you are just now considering opening an account with Ku Coin please use our referal code: 1xue7He at sign up.

Once you have created your account you will need to fund your account. We advise everyone to use an amount of money that you are comfortable with losing, most especially if you are just learning a new platform or concept than you are use to with crypto trading. For the purposes of this tutorial I will explain the multiple earning options available with Ku Coin using $20.00 USD. I will be funding my account by making a deposit from my Cash-App bitcoin wallet.

tips for kucoin deposit
Kucoin deposit tips

So for the purposes of this example I go to cash app, buy $20.00 usd of bitcoin which at the time of writing this article amounted to XXX,XXX satoshi, I will then need to identify my Ku Coin wallet address by opening the Ku Coin app on mobile, signing in after an account has been created obviously, I will then choose the assets option at the bottom menu running along the base of the screen. Select the option at the top of the page that says deposits. Now you will see a selection of cryptocurrencies of numerous types, for this exercise I will be selecting Bitcoin in order to identify the wallet address that I can send my bitcoin satoshi from cash app into this kucoin fund, once I have deposited bitcoin in this way I will be able to trade it around for concievably any type of cryptocurrency that is listed in this exchange. Also, if you are acquiring crypto of any of these other types you can add them into this fund in similar way but I am now keeping it simple by explaining the process with bitcoin. Later I will discuss how you can possibly deposit into a trading account using only sweat equity with other coin types like Presearch, but I’ll save that for another time.

If your using the web version of ku coin on a desktop computer, and for many reasons this may be the wiser option to use at certain times, now given that the mobile is your portable option and the desktop is your powerful option for the trading tools now at your disposal I am here including a walkthrough for both devices. After you log in to your account from a desktop web browser scroll your cursor over assets in the top right corner area, then a box will appear below it and you will select Main Account (Deposits and withdraws) The forever long list of cryptocurrencies that are available for trade on KuCoin now appears and you can type bitcoin into the search field to find really whatever it is your looking for easily. Some coins the do exist are not offered here and I will get deeper into that at a later time as well. So for now we find the bitcoin and looking out to the far left column there is a link on the word deposit so we will click this. Here you can click deposit for any other coin you would want to make a deposit with as well.

You will now need to check the box that you have read the message and click continue.

now you will see these options

for this exercise we recommend you select the middle option of BTC

now you find your deposit address here like this:

Copy this address and now go back into cash app and send your bitcoin to this address and you will have successfully deposited your first investment funding your Ku Coin trading account.

At this point you are ready to take XXX,XXX satoshi (whatever the value of your $20.00 usd amounts to at the time you did this) and move it around in a profitable way.

The first strategy I recommend in doing this for a long-term growth pattern of your assets is an investment of 6 KCS. This works because by holding a minimum of 6 KCS in your main KuCoin account you will receive a daily bonus of a fractional amount of KCS causing you to see a daily increase in your KCS balance. It is now up to you rather you will hold in increasing amount of this token each day or will you transfer the daily bonus amount into your trading account where you will be able to turn this daily bonus into other token types. Keep in mind that you want to always be holding a minimum of these 6 coins in your main account or the daily bonus will cease and I would advise to keep an eye on the status of this program as the details of it may be subject to change such as the minimum amount may increase over time perhaps.

Other profit strategies include:

  • Spot Trading
  • Staking
  • Margin Trading
  • Futures Contracts
  • Trading Bot

As you can see there are a plethora of options for creating profits by using KuCoin. However, be extremely cautious to understand to the best of your ability what your strategy is and how it works, because it can be very easy to lose part or all of your investment if you bull rush in to things that you do not understand completely. It can be simply summed up in the saying “buy low and sell high” although in the heat of the moment with high action market trends people can often find themselves doing the exact opposite of this especially when they become emotional or frustrated. This point intrinsically highlights why it is important not to invest more than you are comfortable with losing because by doing so you keep much more of the emotion out of your trading. If you become desperate to turn a profit you will be prone to doing stupid things.

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